R.C.M. Workshop for Little Hands On Rhythm

What – Workshop and demonstration on how to use the rhythm primer kit... Little Hands On Rhythm® to teach rhythmic concepts to young music students

Where  – The R.C.M. 273 Bloor St W Toronto

When – Wednesday November 2, 2016  12:15pm – 1pm

Hope you can make it!



Free Workshop for Little Hands On Rhythm – T.A.M.’s Rhythm Primer Kit. September 26, 2016 Bolton, Ontario

It is a new teaching year and an opportunity for teachers to introduce their students to fun new resources that enhance and promote quality instruction.   If you are looking for an all in one primer kit for rhythm for your young students, we have the answer. Little Hands On Rhythm is T.A.M.’s unique rhythm primer kit that has been getting great reviews with teachers and students.   At the workshop you will have an opportunity to use the rhythm kit  and see how it can be used to teach note and rest values, time signatures, counting, the division of the beats -and much more.

I hope you will be able to attend the workshop and try out this exciting new teaching tool for yourself.

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ORMTA Convention 2016

Stephanie and I headed down to Chatham, ON last week to attend our first ORTMA conference.  We drove down in my brothers new Prius.  I must say that I actually stayed with in the speed limit while trying desperately to keep the source energy display in the ECO window!  It is amazing how a visual on energy consumption can alter your driving habits :  ).   Just so you…. know we averaged 3.8 l per 100km!  No one swore at me when I took a 500 metre velocity diminuendo to optimize the recharging of the battery.  It was very cool!!

At the conference we met some wonderful people, made some great connections,  sold copies of Little Hands On Rhythm, attended the gala event, listened to  piano and voice performances from some amazingly talented young performers  and presented a Little Hands On Rhythm PowerPoint Presentation for the first time.

It was a whirlwind trip.    Luckily I had my lovely and talented daughter Stephanie with me to help out. We had a great time and are thankful that we had an opportunity to share this wonderful conference experience together.  Happy trails everyone!