Monday was a great start to the week for T.A.M. as we were invited to present a demonstration of Little Hands On Rhythm and the Random Rhythm game at the Milton Music Teachers Association.  I thank the members for greeting me so warmly and being open to learning a new way of presenting rhythm to students.  Thank you to those members who purchased a copy of the teaching tool for their studios.  We are looking forward to hearing their student’s reactions!

I know everyone is very eager to have the extension kit with the sixteenth subdivision etc .   We are working on getting the prototype housing completed.  The extension kit manipulative pieces are completed and I am using them with my students.  The pieces REALLY WORK beautifully to help students understand and represent the sixteenth note rhythms correctly.  There are ample new rest, note and time signatures in the new kit to take students to a whole new level of rhythm study.

If your teacher organization would like a demonstration of Little Hands On Rhythm we would love to show you our products.  Please contact us at

Thank you to everyone who has supported T.A.M. in our effort to provide fun and exciting new teaching aids for music education  :  )



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